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Hong Kong, Sothebys New Year sale wines

Sothebys Hong Kong will be held January 23, 2010 in Hong Kong, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hong Kongs first wine auction in 2010, this is the first meeting of Hong Kong, Sothebys auction in spring and autumn independently of the wine auction. The auction will launch a "respect for Moet mellow - an important collector of rare wines, the United States Part IV" specialized film, a total of 840 shoot auction to pay is estimated price of up to 3.8 million to 5.2 million U.S. dollars, came under scrutiny. It is reported that the first three parts of this special shot in 2009 in New York and Hong Kong, Sothebys held a total turnover of each field in excess of the maximum value before the auction, especially in the two auctions held in Hong Kong has achieved 100% of the turnover rate of .

    It is understood that this "respect Moet mellow - an important collector of rare wines, the United States Part IV" specialized film will be available the best wineries in Bordeaux masterpiece, and a range of Burgundy wines, bottled and quality of different years were prepared We believe it will make collectors rush. These include more than 50 pieces of Bo Chui Fort auction, the year of 1975 to 2005; 80 pieces Rafi Fort auction, the year of 1982 to 2006; 60 pieces Chateau Latour auction, the year of 1961 to 2006; 126 Mouton auction, the year of 1975 to 2006; 78 Margaux Castle auction, the year of 1982 to 2008; 69 Obiang Fort auction, the year of 1959 to 2006; 70 Fort White Horse auction, the year from 1982 to 2006.

    Sothebys Wine and wine director of the Department of International Master Shi Huina, said: "This Sothebys auction is the most prominent wine professionals ever shot, this collection itself is self-contained camp difference." Sothebys Asia Chairman Lin Huang Shi Yun said: "Sothebys wine professionals in the last shot, the experienced collectors who show enthusiasm and interest in, and the market witnessed strong demand and growth. Thus, the decision early in 2010 Sothebys spring auctions in Hong Kong and the Autumn outside shooting launched the Wine Auction Session, in order to bring more collectors collecting wines opportunity. "

    It is learned that in 2009 Sothebys held its first wine in the spring special film by Tibetan family in hot pursuit and achieved impressive results of the auction, so that Hong Kong has become with the London and New York in an international wine auction center.

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