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Hong Kong Wine Center, second in the world this year, Jin Dynasty

Hong Kong Government to abolish the wine tax, the wine market crowded together, poured into Hong Kong around the world, wine merchants, wine industry sales, auctions, logistics, warehousing and so on along the rapid development of Hong Kongs economy overall leading role. Insiders refer to Hong Kongs wine market potential economic revenues of 10 billion Hong Kong dollars, are more likely to replace London as the worlds second-largest wine auction center. Hong Kong by foreign traders as a springboard to enter the Mainland market, with the development of market advantage, but experts have warned that Hong Kongs development of the need to strengthen the cultivation of professional talent and popularity of wine consumers in general knowledge, in order to become a true wine center.

Trade Development Council announced the first 9 months last year, the Hong Kong Wine value of imports reached 2.8 billion, compared with 40% surge in 2008. As a well-known wine in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Industrial Co., Ltd. Wei Ling Chiu, Managing Director of the gaol Figure reporter an exclusive interview the analysis, the abolition of wine duty, though it makes the tax loss of nearly 15 billion Hong Kong dollars, but the promotion of wine industry, the hotel industry, logistics industry, the financial sector, tourism industry development in various areas, the economic income will reach 10 billion Hong Kong dollars. Hong Kong Financial Secretary John Tsang also expected to Hong Kong this year is expected to go beyond London, to become the worlds second-largest wine auction center, second only to New York.

Hong Kongs "zero-duty" policy has a lot of immediate benefit to the countries rich in red wine. Ma Yu Xuan, general manager of the French Food Association, said the first 10 months last year, Hong Kong imported French red wine may be worth as much as 15 billion, compared with 26.4% growth in 2008 is expected to rise 30 percent last year; in dollar terms, the French red wine accounted for Hong Kong market, 53.3%. She expected this year, import value and quantity of French red wine can be up 25%. A lot of fancy foreign wine is adjacent to the huge Mainland market, Hong Kongs geographical location, has been actively deployed to Hong Kong extension point. On the other hand, Hong Kongs exports to the Mainland can enjoy two of wine early next year to facilitate customs clearance time can be shortened to 3 to 7, which will attract the mainland to Hong Kong importers to supply. By  this potential, the further development of our future is expected to become "Asias wine center."


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