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The current global challenges facing the wine marketing

For a wish to the establishment of a global marketing network of wine brands, there is no identical two international market. Hot products in a particular market, and perhaps abandoned in another market, such as Bi Lv. The following are industry experts point to the expansion of the views of the world market.
Market Segmentation Characteristics
At present, the promotion of wine products face the greatest obstacles to the market itself has a breakdown of features. Even if a global wine brands the industry standard in terms of magnitude, but other fast-moving consumer goods remains negligible in comparison in the control of production costs and market positioning are still looking for a serious challenge. In some more traditional, mature wine market, thousands of products in order to retail stores, that is, drink, non-place-to-drink channels, the intense competition. For the less mature emerging markets, consumers are faced with a lack of awareness, distribution channels are limited, three major difficulties in an increasingly competitive.
Constellation Groups planning and business development, senior vice president Luo Apu Erbao Mu said: "As the market segment of the wine business than any other consumer goods more innovative. Suppliers, distributors and retailers are unified, joint , but consumers are independent, it is difficult to locate in a particular market. "
Global challenges
If we say that the existing Western markets, the establishment of a global marketing program is difficult, then the global market is more disparate diversity of strategies need to be developed.
Market research firm Wine Intelligence Business Development Manager , said: "Different marketing staff understand the different wines, there is no exactly the same two international market." Horwood cited a number of specific factors, including distribution channels whether in the United States or in China, there is state monopoly, regional restrictions challenges, retail development regardless of whether a country has a real wine industry, such as Brazil, Portugal, Hong Kong, China , the United Kingdom have close contact with the wine-producing countries and social and economic factors such as China, India and other emerging wine countries, to gradually westernized middle class.
In fact, even seems to develop well-balanced mature market, still can not be generalized. Applebaum to "Australian Yellow Tail" for example are described, "Yellow Tail" brand in just four years has swept the U.S. market, sales rose from zero to 8 million boxes, sit down at the head of the United States imported wines Pakistan Kau Yi, but when its exactly the same packaging, certification, marketing models into different European markets, but tragically, "Waterloo."
Similarly, the Constellations South African Kumala brand in the UK market, 300 million cases to obtain good performance, but in the U.S. market saw a major drop in sales.
Applebaum said: "The current dilemma is that, when the South African wine consumers in the United Kingdom has caused a strong resonance when the U.S. market, the demand is very small. Kumala wine brand although the overall share of South Africa accounted for 75%, but On the whole, the South African wine sold only 100 million boxes. "
In this regard, the famous Bordeaux wine distributor Maison Sichel added, Managing Director, said: "Our exports of 55 countries, the overall point of view, the brand awareness of the important than the origin." "Similar to the French Chateau chatean, geographic terroin concept is important, but in Latin America, such a rapidly growing market, we need to build the Sacher Sichel brand, rather than in more than a dozen wines marked with stress the name of a Bordeaux. " For example, in Brazil, France or Bordeaux wine consumer awareness on the very low, therefore the focus of marketing is the "Sacher" as a unified brand of high quality wines.
This is exactly the Horwood Wine Inetlligence repeatedly emphasized, he said: "If you want wine as a whole concept to consumer marketing, in fact, apart from Chablis, Rioja and other mature markets in the high cognitive degree of brand, other wines are very limited market impact. " In addition, while India may have 800 million middle-class wines of potential consumers, Russia, China also contains a large number of wine consumption group, but the distribution and infrastructure means that marketers must first distribution according to the consumer group, and in some cities and regions the establishment of base areas, such as Mumbai, Moscow and Shanghai.
The core brand, targeted marketing
Most brands wishing to promote globalization, the owners will seize the "brand value." However, Applebaum would be targeted marketing and advertising activities, as with the established market development related to the "Timeline" so, such as Dorothy Adams Torres is a big winery in Spain product promotional efforts, the can be assumed that the brand has high awareness, take the appropriate marketing strategies. Dorothy Adams as being a local radio station to run a humorous ad, wine accessories - bottle opener, wine glass, cork and the bottle together to jointly sing the praises of Dorothy Adams.
However, in less mature wine market would require the promotion of very different ways. Dorothy Adams Dorothy Marketing CEO Michael Adams Miguel Torres, said: "For most markets, advertising is ineffective and, in fact, we have for each of a market to develop promotional strategies. If you compare the United Kingdom and China , with emphasis on how to carry out activities such as sample wine tasting, wine education, promotion targets consumers to shift from distribution channels. "
In other words, the more young market, the more attention should be paid to the wine importers and distributors related to education.


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