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Service Technology


In order to better service and broad distribution customers, so customers have a good mentality and confidence, Shuo Bao offers pre-market consultation, product selection, solutions, planning and commitments made by the following:

First, my company operated by product type, brand, quality standards are adopted by relevant national quality inspection departments, testing, quality management system passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification and registration of export health certification.

2, delivery time and place: According to the contract signed 7 days, there are special provisions of the contract according to the terms of the implementation of the Division I have enough storage reserves and rapid response capability, in the receipt of customer orders such as the during transport, no accident I Division to ensure accuracy in the time of the goods delivered to customers designated locations.

Third, customers have received my goods issued by the Secretary the same time, the delivery of the varieties, specifications, quantities and acceptance in a timely manner, if there do not meet the case please contact us and I discuss fill / return matters. Bottles that have been opened or damaged products that I do not give the Secretary for processing.

4, the companys product quality problems, such as demanding return please customers 7 days of receipt of goods within and to contact us, please return a written statement before the specific reasons for the withdrawal of products identified by the company to take immediate steps to confirm returned products .

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