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Service Technology

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Your side of the wine experts
The Leading Fine Wine Specialists
With 10 years of professional experience, we have a large number of professionals to provide you with selected wines, event planning and training services.

For the customer to select, produce wine list
In the country has more than 5000 high-end Chinese and Western restaurants, star hotels, enterprises, institutions and clubs, trendy restaurants, nightclubs, bars and shopping malls supermarket customers. We have a wealth of professional experience for the customer to select the level appropriate to their level of wine to consumers, and provide fine wine list, wine culture and jewelry Inkjet-production services such as.
The planning of professional wine tasting
We have a rich and professional wine dinners, tastings planning experience to provide a professional wine and cuisine with recommendations, a senior lecturer in vivid explanation, a professional wine tasting, wine culture, to distribute books, activities, the total flow control and other services.
Holding wine culture lectures
Has organized a number of lectures on wine culture experience. With the needs of different customers customize these talks.

Storage and Distribution
 Tibet wine storage has a sophisticated distribution network for many years, Wenzhou city, just dial 114 to switch possession of wine storage, distribution center will be able to time as a younger brother of one row of the nearest store to your distribution network, or your direct purchase by phone or online products.
 And to provide a professional wine storage.

 Professional Chain
Tibet wine storage area implementation of the national non-allied chains. Ju joined the small body responsible for please visit
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 Brand Network Management
 Library of Tibetan wine brands and products to implement a unified national modern network management. Lai All
  Franchisee to operate their own easy to rest assured that possession of wine storage.

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